23 January 2018

On 18 October 2017, FinTel customers who believed they may have been eligible for a package discount refund were encouraged to contact us prior to 16 January 2018, to check their eligibility for a refund. This period has now ended and all remaining funds have been donated to the Citizens Advice Bureau.

18 October 2017

FinTel customers who held more than one policy (at the same time) between 1 July 2003 and 1 October 2014 may be eligible for a refund.
For more information visit www.tower.co.nz/about-us/news/2017/fintel-refund

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FinTel Contents Insurance

With FinTel contents insurance we have two policy options. One policy has been specifically designed to cater for those who have a household of possessions and require broad cover. And another policy for those who might just be starting out and only require cover for a few items. But both our policies offer options to keep your premiums low.

Our FinTel Maxi Contents Insurance provides the broadest cover of our two policies. It’s our most popular policy for families. So if you’ve got lots of stuff and are looking for a wide policy cover, our FinTel Maxi Contents Insurance could be the right policy for you. It comes with optional extras for example; no excess option, cover for spectacles and contact lenses and cover for contents in storage to name just a few. View FinTel's Maxi Contents Insurance.

The FinTel Thrifti Contents Insurance policy can provide you with cover for specific events and is designed to protect the things you own against sudden and unforeseen accidental physical loss or damage at the situation. As well as the many special benefits automatically included in the FinTel Thrifti Contents Insurance policy, you can choose from a range of optional special benefits (for an extra premium) to broaden your cover. View FinTel’s Thrifti Contents Insurance.

On the other hand if you are just starting out, maybe you have just gone flatting or you and your partner have just moved into a snug and uncluttered home together, our FinTel Super Thrifti Contents could be the right policy for you. With a low sum insurance minimum and plenty of options to pick and choose from, you pay for only what you need. View FinTel's Super Thrifti Contents Insurance.

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