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FinTel customers who held more than one policy (at the same time) between 1 July 2003 and 1 October 2014 may be eligible for a refund.
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Thrifti Contents Insurance

Affordable Contents Insurance

The FinTel Thrifti Contents Insurance policy can provide you with cover for specific events and is designed to protect the things you own against sudden and unforeseen accidental physical loss or damage at the situation.

As well as the many special benefits automatically included in the FinTel Thrifti Contents Insurance policy, you can choose from a range of optional special benefits (for an extra premium) to broaden your cover.

What special benefits you are insured for

  • Frozen food deterioration

    If your refrigeration equipment accidentally stops and your frozen food deteriorates to the point where it is not fit to eat we will pay you up to $500.

  • Keys and locks

    IIf your house keys or remote door opener(s) are stolen or believed on reasonable grounds to be illegally duplicated we will pay up to $500 free of any excess to replace them or the locks. We will also pay the reasonable cost of opening any safe following theft or loss of its key or combination.

  • Natural disaster damage

    If your contents suffer natural disaster damage we will pay the difference between the amount paid under EQCover and the sum insured shown in the certificate of insurance. If you would like more information about EQCover please ask us for a brochure, or phone the Earthquake Commission on freephone 0800 508 765.

  • No claims bonus

    If you have not had any claims with us for the last year or with your previous insurer for the last three years you will receive a no claims bonus. If during the next two years you also don’t have any claims you will qualify for an extra no claims bonus.

    Should you make a claim, the no claims bonus will be reduced at the renewal following the claim. However, we will increase it at the next renewal if no further claims are made.

  • One event – one excess

    If your contents suffer loss or damage for which a claim is accepted and at the same time we accept a claim for loss or damage to your house or vehicle that are also insured by us, we will only deduct one excess and that will be the highest excess applicable.

  • Security alarms

    If you have installed a passive infra-red security system that protects all the important areas of your house, we will give you a discount off your premium.

  • Temporary accommodation expenses

    If your contents suffer loss or damage for which a claim is accepted under this policy or which is covered under EQCover and your house is uninhabitable as a result, we will pay reasonable temporary accommodation expenses up to $15,000. This includes kennel or cattery fees for your domestic pets.

    No temporary accommodation expenses will be paid after repairs have been completed or we or if the Earthquake Commission have paid your claim.

  • University and boarding school extension

    This policy is extended to cover your children’s contents while they are attending University or School and staying in University Halls of Residence, a Boarding School Hostel or a private home as a boarder. We will pay up to $5,000, however please note an additional excess of $400 will apply if staying in University Halls of Residence.

Optional special benefits

The following benefits are optional. If you choose to add cover for any of these onto your policy, an additional premium will apply.

  • Contents in storage

    This benefit covers your contents while temporarily stored in a securely locked and well maintained building away from the situation. An additional excess of $500 will apply.

  • Contents in transit

    Cover your contents for loss or damage caused by fire, collision or overturning of the conveying vehicle while they are in transit during the period shown for this Optional Special Benefit in the certificate of insurance.

  • House under construction or alteration

    Covers your contents for damage while your house is under construction or structural alteration during the period shown for this Optional Special Benefit in the certificate of insurance.

  • Jewellery replacement

    If any item or set of jewellery (not including watches) individually shown in the certificate of insurance is lost or damaged, we will replace or repair them up to the amount specified for these items, provided that you hold a jewellery valuation fully describing the item dated prior to the loss. If you choose not to replace or repair we will pay the present day value up to a maximum of 50% of the item’s replacement value.

  • Multi risk protection

    Cover your personal effects for sudden and unforeseen accidental physical loss or damage anywhere in New Zealand up to the sum insured shown for this Optional Special Benefit in the certificate of insurance.

  • No excess

    If your house is owner occupied we will not deduct any excess in the event of a claim.

Important note: This information is only a summary of parts of our policy. Please refer to our policy wording for full details of the terms, conditions and exclusions.

Download the FinTel Thrifti Contents Policy document here

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