Important notice for FinTel customers

FinTel customers who held more than one policy (at the same time) between 1 July 2003 and 1 October 2014 may be eligible for a refund.
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Simple and Affordable. Call 0800 847 015Simple and Affordable. Call 0800 847 015

Christchurch earthquake claims

Updated: Tuesday 22 February 2011

Making a claim

To make a claim for house and contents:

Please contact the EQC (Earthquake Commission) directly on 0800 326 243 or you can lodge a claim online at

Please take whatever action you can to prevent any further loss or damage, without putting yourself at risk. Take photos of any damage and keep receipts or invoices for any urgent repairs. You have up to 90 days to lodge a claim.

If your home has severe structural damage or is uninhabitable please call  FinTel on 0800 847 015.

To make a claim for cars, commercial property or your farm:

Please contact us on 0800 810 801.  We will talk you through the process.

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